Ellie Curtis

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Ellie Curtis

Illustrator, printmaker and printed textiles designer.

I live and work in Hackney, East London where I've been living for the last 10 years, it's changing a lot, I hardly recognise parts! But a walking moustache is a good indication that you're in the borough!

I'm a freelance illustrator and textiles designer mainly working in printmaking, doing commissions for individuals and companies, and I also design and sell my own fabrics for upholstery. My fabrics have featured in The Observer, The Independent and The World of Interiors.

My inspiration comes from many things, but I have to admit I do really like feathery creatures; the colours they don and the way they move inspires drawings. I love people watching and animal watching. I like learning unusual historical facts, such as the way medieval people in England would stuff their shoes with moss to make them more pointy. I love foraging in the British Museum for fascinating artefacts to absorb and draw, and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford feels like home. All of this feeds into my work.


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Ellie is an illustrator, printmaker and textile designer living and working in East London. We spoke to her about her work, her inspiration, her hot water bottles and staying on the 'acceptable side of spooky'.