What can I sell on Illustrators?

Thank you for considering Illustrators to sell your artwork and make it the best place for illustration on the web. We've briefly outlined below the criteria for what you can and can't list for sale.

What you can sell on Illustrators.co:


Illustrators.co is dedicated to promoting contemporary illustration, so any artwork that you list must fit broadly into the practice of illustration. Works of art that don't (as determined by Illustrators.co) will be removed. If you're unsure of whether your work does fit into this category, please do contact us before listing.

Original design

The artwork must be your original design. If an artwork contains work by other people, for example collages, patterns etc. you must have permission for use and the majority of the piece must be your own. If you have worked on a piece with others you must clearly state this in the artwork description.The artwork doesn't need to be made by you - eg. sceenprints, giclee prints etc. but it must be your original design and not a copy of someone else’s.

What you can't sell on Illustrators.co

Items which infringe copyright

See our copyright topic for information on copyright infringements including a list of known products and terms.

Assembled items

We don’t allow artwork on Illustrators.co that have been 'assembled' from mass produced components with no original design involved.

Vintage artwork

Vintage artwork can only be sold on Illustrators.co if it has been significantly modified by yourself.

Artwork that was not created by yourself

You must have created the artwork yourself or had a sigificant involvement in its creation. If you have worked on a piece with others you must clearly state this in the artwork description and outline your specific involvement.

“Adult” and pornographic items

Items which are deemed to be pornographic or of an “adult nature” (as interprated by Illustrators.co) are prohibited and will be removed without notice. If unsure, you are recommended to contact us before listing in order that your account is not suspended.

Illegal, hazardous or dangerous Items

Items which have been gained illegally or which are stolen or for which it would be illegal to trade (e.g. drugs, items sold as toys without the necessary license, copyrighted work or reproductions of copyrighted work without permissions). Harzardous or dangerous items such as weapons, knives or chemicals are not allowed.